Sections 2.1.3

New support for overflowing content with the Sections Fix Stack

Integrated ScrollUp Pro markers

The Section Fix stack is now a lot more powerful.

Vertical Positioning

Previously, offsets were not permitted to be negative. This meant that you could fix content within a section but not get it to overflow. In order to have content bridge two sections, the only way was to use negative margins on the lower section.

Things have now got a lot easier. Sections Fix now supports both negative offsets, percentage offsets and also left and right positioning.

The screenshot below shows just one of the things that you could use it for. Here we have the image of the rainbow and paint brush, in a Section Fix within the blue section. It is set to bottom with a negative offset of -220px. This means that the bottom of the image will be 220px below the bottom of the section.

(Note: there are also mobile offsets available to help you handle responsive images)

You can also use percentage offsets. It is important to know how percentages work with absolutely positioned elements.

If you want to fix something immediately below your section you would select Position:Top with and offset of 100%. This will place the top of the Section Fix content 100% down from the top of the Section - i.e. at the bottom. If you were to select bottom: 100%, then the Fix content would be immediately above the section in which it resides.

Left and Right Positioning

Similarly, there are settings to allow elements to be positioned relative to the left and right edge of the section.

This means that, for example, you could fix content in any or all of the corners of a Section but also, using negative offsets, overlapping the sides of a section.

Coherent Layouts

All to often, modern block layout web pages lack a coherent link between areas. This may be something as simple as a small graphic that bridges the interface between the two. Sections connectors helped with this somewhat but the new Sections Fix capability takes it to a whole new level.

For the first time you can "attach" content relative to any side of a section, be it full width or contained within a column.

I hope you enjoy this simple addition that brings a lot of new power to sections.

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