Sections v.2.1.1

User requested features for background color on mobile with image on larger screens and improvements to Content Control with manual breakpoints.

New: You can now opt to have a background color for mobile screens whilst still having an image on tablet and larger screens.

  • Simply select the background type as image.
  • Check the box labelled use Color for Mobile.
  • Add an image to just the large image well (or large warehouse image).
  • If you have a small image set then it will not display but you don't need to remove it from the well if you think you may need to restore it at a later date.

New and improved content control with manual breakpoints.

  • Selecting Auto above breakpoints allows you to manually specify a browser height and width below which the auto content control will be cancelled and the section will revert to using the padding set in the Sections - Padding settings.
  • If you want the section never to apply auto content control just set both the width and height breakpoints to 0px.
  • It is, however, recommended that you use full Auto content control in most cases to prevent clipping of any content within a Flex Height Section.

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